Rymnet HRMS to meet the latest trend of HR management requirements. With a comprehensive of modules and features Rymnet HRMS addresses many problems faced in effective HR management. Rymnet HRMS ensures a comprehensive solution, all in one application at an affordable price.
Employee Profile
Rymnet Employee Master Profile provides you a centralize database information and allowed to access from anywhere and anytime. HQ’s HR and management able to retrieved reporting and analytical information easily.
Rymnet Claim allowed you to submit online for all kind of claims, such as Medical, Traveling, Entertainment, Parking and others. System will escalate the workflow to the respective superior for the approval with the notification by existing company email. Payment can be paid separately or together with the payroll.
Rymnet Leave handled multiple entitlements of leave and unlimited type of leave. Employee can apply leave online from anywhere and anytime and escalate the workflow to the respective superior for the approval with the notification by the existing email.
Career Progression
Rymnet Career Progression to trace the progress of every employee in the organization from recruitment, confirmation, promotion/increment and exit procedure/termination.We provide the alert/notification features for the above process. Individual manager or employee can do the assessment thru online and even the exit procedure.
Performance Appraisal
Performance evaluation is that part of the process in performance management where each employee's performance on the job is evaluated whether they had carried out their duties and responsibilities to the expectation of management and informing employees on their performance.

Rymnet provides a tool to ease the whole entire process of the evaluation according to the company goals, such as on-line evaluation, scores on Weightage Method and others.

Rymnet Attendance able to integrate with any type of the time clock reader (Proximity Card, Bio Matrix Finger or Hand Punch)  

Rymnet Attendance allowed to retrieved actual data from time clock and verified or approve by multilevel Manager online before it reach HQ’s HR for the payroll processing.

Attendance data will be uploaded to payroll for payroll processing.

Matches individual’s skill/competency deficiencies against the job profile to ease the training needs identifications process and courses

The pre/post training assessment questionnaire evaluation facility allows user to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.  

HRD Fund and expenses on every training course can be manage through this module


An Efficient Payroll Outsourcing Partner comes with HRMS System

(A REAL outsourcing service with minimize your HR administration work)
Yes, we don’t just process your payroll, provide you the confidentiality and compliances. We also provide you a web based and mobile HRMS to reduce your administration work start from new recruitment, confirmation, promotion, increment until exit procedure with supported by our efficient alert and notification features.

RYMNET CLMS (Casual Labour Management System )

that collaborates all parties involved in one centralize and online environment
rymnet Casual Labor Management System (CLMS) is an advanced system which automate your entire process of casual labor /part-timer from Resource Planning and Requisition, Multi Level Approval, Attendance Management until Payment Calculation.

A system that collaborates all parties (Banquet, House Keeping, Restaurant and others) involved in One Centralized and Online Environment.


RYMNET Cloud Attendance

A REAL automated attendance solution for multiple locations
A solution to manage and centralized all your employee’s attendance in multiple locations by using bio-matrix reader or imaging device without having any hassle of registering new employee and termination employee.

Intelligent Offline mode verification to allow user to clock in even if the Internet is not available
Transparent Sync Back function to reduce administration of the system

“rymnet … anytime, anywhere”

*** Even a new join employee can use the system in multiple location on the same first day

*** Attendance and analytical reporting can be view “anytime, anywhere”